I am 10 as you are 3

Howdy.  Alright this is a double helping of TDA decathlon fun.  Today we had both the coke chugging and the PVM eating competitions.  The coke Chugging was simple, start with an unopened can of your favorite carbonated beverage in front of you.  Both hands on the table on either side of it.  When the timer says go, open the can down it and turn it upsidedown on the table when you are done.  This was  a fun and slightly messy competition.  I liked it because there was virtually no settup for it.  The winner was Stuart, I don’t have all the data.  Sunil is making a spreadsheet with everyone’s standings in it, I think it might be on his blog which is geekonabike.com (or something pretty close to that).  The next contest was the PVM bar eating.  If you are lucky enough never to have eaten a PVM bar, you are fortunate indeed.  They are energy bars that taste slightly like laffy taffy, but aren’t as good and don’t have jokes on the wrappers.  TDA gives them to us and they are good for energy, but not much else.  We decided that since under normal conditions they take roughly an hour to eat one, we should make it more difficult.   So we froze them.  It didn’t slow people down that much Simon managed to down his in 40 or 50 seconds.  I don’t have a clue how he managed that.  That is all for now, I think the next competition is throwing a rock at an Ethiopian child.



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2 Comments on “I am 10 as you are 3”

  1. Dave, I think now, you are finally “guy”.

  2. Dave Says:

    Howdy. This is another event that I didn’t get a chance to take pictures at. So instead you get a cool road sign. I didn’t know video games were grown on farms.

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