alright Goat, help me out with the line from Vacation about the Grand Canyon

Howdy.  So yesterday we camped at Fish River.  I guess they don’t spend too much time thinking about what to call things around here in Namibia, Dune 45, Fish River.  The campsite was alright, nothing too great, but it was near Fish River Canyon.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of Fish River Canyon (I certainly hadn’t) but it’s apperantly the second largest canyon in the world.  It was a 10k bike ride from camp to the canyon.  Many people waited for one of the trucks to come take them, but I elected to ride there (I certainly don’t seem to get enough bike riding in on a normal day).  I am very glad I did.  It was a quiet dusty, crappy road to ride along and most of it was uphill.  However once I got there I was able to ride my bike up the little path and all the way out to the viewing point.  If you’ve been to the Grand Canyon then you know how annoying all the tourist can be there (even if you haven’t been there, ya can probably guess).  I was the only one there.  It was incredible.  After peeing into it (this was kinda unavoidable) I sat as close to the edge as I dared and just stared.  I couldn’t get over the immensity of the thing.  How can a huge hole in the ground be that majestic?  I later heard that all the people who rode the truck to it stayed together and didn’t go all the way up the path.  Yet another reason for always riding your bike everywhere.  That is all for now, we’re riding into S. Africa tomorrow, and then only a few more days till Cape Town!



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11 Comments on “alright Goat, help me out with the line from Vacation about the Grand Canyon”

  1. It’s only the biggest god damn hole in the world!!

  2. Joe Says:

    “We can’t miss the Grand Canyon, it’s the biggest god damn hole in the world.”

  3. Beth Says:

    You’re probably in South Africa by now. The last country, hurrah!

    I saw that the TdA website has a blog about the Naked Mile. Wow, you’re famous. I hadn’t realized that this was done once before by an earlier TdA group. Who knows, maybe future groups will have Mardi Gras parties and decathlons.

  4. Len DeMoss Says:

    Hi Dave! Been following your blog as I’m riding the 2011 TDA full tour. Point of information for you, the Fish River Canyon actually isn’t the 2nd largest canyon in the world. The Grand Canyon has that distinction as the Tsangpo River Canyon in Tibet is the largest, longest and deepest (Guiness records gave it that distinction in 1994) and the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua Mexico state is 3rd.

    Have a great finish in Capetown!

  5. Beth Says:

    Yeah, I know, you haven’t even posted my last comment, and now I have another one. I wanted to congratulate you on being a guest author on the Tour d’Afrique blog. I started reading the latest post and thought, “hmm, this sounds kind of like something Dave would write.” So, I scrolled down and, sure enough, it was. Cool!

    Love, Beth

  6. Joe Says:

    Sorry for my partial quote before, and not to step on Goat’s toes, but I’m guessing this is the one you were asking for…

    Ellen Griswold: I honestly don’t think we’re going to find the Grand Canyon on this road.

    Clark: Jesus, it’s only the biggest God-damn hole in the world.

    Aunt Edna: Clark, watch your language!

    Clark: Make that the second biggest.

  7. Amy Says:

    Yay! You did it! Congratulations! Loved reading your final blog.

    Hope we get to see you soon!

    Amy & Margo & Oliver

  8. Hey Dave, have you “Jimmy Mook’d” any bathroom walls in Africa yet?

  9. Are you going near District 9?

  10. Nice beard, does it come with a free bucket of fish – n – chips?

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