now the world is gone, I’m just 10

Howdy.  Yet more decathlon fun for y’all.  Our next event, the locker pack.  Every morning we have to pack up all our worldly belongings and shove them into tiny lockers.  Some people are pretty good at this and are in and out of the truck fairly rapidly.  Others you need to go get some oatmeal, because it’s gonna be a while.  We found an unoccupied (or so we thought, sorry Jeff and Diane) locker and set out to find some stuff to throw into it.  Sunil collected random things from people whilst I tried to see if it would all fit.  I also assigned a point value to each item so that the things that couldn’t be fit would count against folks.  There were tires to put in, a bike rack, bags, tarps, and a hard sided computer case.  The bigger the item the more points it was worth.  Somehow or another G-force (or team Indaba) managed to win yet another contest.  This one I have no clue on, since all of us do this daily and G has never packed one of these lockers in his life.  I’m a little embarressed for all of us (and secretly proud that I wasn’t one of the ones doing the packing).  Stay tuned for for decathlon updates, and maybe a note or two about Africa.



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2 Comments on “now the world is gone, I’m just 10”

  1. Jeremy Says:


    Sorry I haven’t been commenting of late. I’ve been off on interviews and back and forth across the country. Hopefully one of them will lead to a job (I know–what the hell would I want one of those for?). I couldn’t pack a locker to save my life either! Hope Namibia continues to go well. Later!

  2. Dave Says:

    I took a ton of pics of this one, however I wasn’t using my camera so don’t have them. Here’s a pretty landscape to look at instead

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